Falling stars on Etihad Airways flight to Beijing. © 2013 . All rights reserved.

13 Aug ’13

When I wanted to check in for my flight from Brussels to Beijing, I could not reserve a window seat anymore. A pity, because every year around the 11 and 12th of August the famous Perseids meteorite shower passes the earth. This would mean shooting stars above the clouds when flying with Etihad Airways en route to Asia. So I tweeted to @etihadairways and a couple of hours later I already got a reply that I could e-mail them with my details and that they would try to help me.

To be honest, I forgot a bit about the request during boarding so it was a pleasant surprise that Etihad did change my seat from aisle to window. Yes! Now here I am, sitting next to a window, with a glass of excellent Torrontes high altitude wine and listing to Tusk from Fleetwood Mac, while the Perseids are shooting like crazy in the pitch-black sky. To top it off, a major thunderstorm is hovering above the Himalayas below. This spectacle of spooky lightning flashes and shooting stars makes EY888 one of my favourite flights ever.

So thank you social media team of Etihad Airways. I love your style and gentilesse to really listen to requests of passengers and try to make them happen. While seeing 50+ shooting stars during this flight, I made 50+ wishes for fab flights, lots of upgrades and if possible many window seats.

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  1. Annelies

    Fantastisch Debbie.

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