17 Aug ’13

In the Guiness Book of Records, the Mass Games are seen as the biggest human spectacle in the world. You only need more then 80.000 performers and 20.000 cardholders to beat this record. It is incredible to attend an event of this size and impact and leaves most visitors (us included) completely in awe.
The show starts with the cardholders “testing” their coloured books while yelling out loud as if they are warming up their spirit and enthousiasm. It’s like a gigantic test screen that moves and changes colour. The real spectacle is 1,5 hour of dance, acrobatic movements, singing, trapeze, display of strength, souplesse, elegance, devotion.
Do not miss the Arirang. Coming to North Korea without seeing this, would be a bit of a silly decision. Tickets costs from 80 euro to 300 euro for VIP first row seats. Not cheap, especially if you know that locals pay 0,30 eurocent to attend the show. But it is definitely worth the money.
So go to North Korea in August or September, and enjoy this incredible display of mass devotion. Nobody knows how long the Arirang will still happen so it could easily be the last year.
Fascinated? Check out our small videos of the Arirang in August 2013. If you want the professional stuff, watch the cool movie of the band Faithless and their video “I want More.”

Arirang Mass Games in Pyongyang, North Korea

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