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22 Aug ’13

I sometimes have the urge to lock myself up in a fancy hotel room and enjoy the sweet hotel life. Not just any hotel but a nice one with preferably views over a city and with a plush and comfy bed (with plugs next to the bed), HBO on the tv, nice bathroom, good breakfast and if possible a club floor where I can have a drink without having to leave the hotel.

Beijing is one of those cities where this is possible without breaking the bank. In the city there is an over offer of 5-star hotels so prices are competitive and sharp. You can sleep for example in the Peninsula for 158 euro (through with two and with breakfast. A bargain if you look at other Peninsulas around the world where you might pay double or tripple.

Another favourite is the Grand Hyatt with its renovated rooms and club floor access. The perks of club floor access are great if you know you are going to spend a lot of time in the hotel. Separate check-in and –out in the club lounge, free wi-fi, breakfast, pressing, cocktail hour with drinks and snacks. We have always liked the Hyatt style and this one in Beijing didn’t disappoint.
People always say that Beijing is not that great, with all the smog, too many cars, unfriendly people,.. But hey, if you have a superb and cosy hotel room, you do not need to worry about all that above.

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