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25 Aug ’13

Yesterday I was writng about that magical lunch at Songtsam Benzilan. Well here you have it. It is definately not my idea of typical, Chinese food. This is a dish with clean and fresh ingredients and full of flavor.

It’s flash-fried very thinly slices cured beef together with fried leaves of mint, red peppers and spring onions. I never though of flash frying mint leaves (like us Westerners do with parsley for example) but the result here is amazing. The whole combination of the tasty beef and the few but intensly flavored ingredients make this dish a big success.

For most westerners thinking that Chinese dishes are always covered in this thick (sometimes slimy) sauce, this is fantastic! According to my taste Songtsam Lodges do a great job when it comes to food. I have enjoyed every dish so far and I wish we would have Chinese restaurants like this in Europe (and Belgium).

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