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28 Aug ’13

Songtsam Tacheng is like a little Shangri-La in Shangri-La. You can’t imagine a prettier village than the one next to the lodge. Rice terraces, a bit further corn and wheat fields and in the village there are vineyards where grapes grow that will transform end of this year into ice-wine. In the lodge there are only nine rooms, all with views over the rice fields and in the distance the giant and very ancient Gingko tree.

What we learn here is that in paradise, there are only women who rule and manage the place. In the village, we can only spot ladies working in the vineyards or walking around with huge baskets of greens. Same in the lodge, where Li Yun is running this intimate hotel in a relaxed but very efficient way. Her very feminine team makes sure the guests are well taken care of. They act as perfect models for our photo sessions, they babysitting for the kids that are staying here, or like Li Yun who goes walking with us in the village. She is a good guide and then turns into my personal shopper to make sure I get a good price when souvenir hunting. Who needs men in Shangri-La, I ask myself?

So in brief: Songtsam Tacheng is where you come to relax and unwind (and yes men are welcome too). You eat well and can have long and easy lunches with views over the rice fields through the giant, wood carved windows that swing completely open. Bliss!

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