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3 Sep ’13

When we were in Beijing a couple of years ago the city looked completely different. New buildings have sprung up, more construction is going on, and the traffic jams are packed with cars that cost more than the average apartment in Antwerp. One French lady in North-Yunnan told me when she flies back to Europe it looks like arriving in a retirement home. As if nothing is going on, as if everything is on hold. While China is on stand-by, ready to go. This building on the picture from Rem Koolhaas, the CCTV building, says it all. A Dutch, world famous architect is commissioned to design one of the symbols of Beijing. And yes it looks good and sexy. The French lady told me that her city, Marseille, Cultural Capital of 2013, renovated for the occasion one part of the museum and that’s it. Point finale.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Europe. I am a big fan, but sometimes we tend to make a big fuss about nothing. I think we need a bit more vision and future thinking to be able to compete with the new superpowers. And yes some urban planning of Rem Koolhaas can already help a lot and set the mood.

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