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4 Sep ’13

Finally we are in Mongolia. Yes! We have been planning this voyage since a couple of years now. Trying to fit it in between others trips in China and Asia, wondering if we might hop on the Trans Siberian Express to get there. So we set a goal last year to make it this summer. Because tourism is rapidly growing here and we want to experience it before it gets too busy. We reserved almost three weeks to explore Mongolia. I think this is kind of the minimum if you travel this far and spend a certain amount of money to get here. We will combine different, more unknown regions of the country. We had to make choices so we decided to skip the Altai Gobi, the most popular region where most tourists go. Maybe we are missing out on some interesting sights but we trust our sources and experts and will spend our time in other corners around the country. On the picture you see the massive statue of Genghis Khan, a one-hour drive out of Ulaanbaatar. Blue sky and 25 degrees Celsius, thank you very much or baaith lala. The weather forecast predicts a plunge in temperatures the coming days and there might even be snow. So stay tuned for more adventures in Mongolia. I still can’t believe we are finally here.

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