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5 Sep ’13

Our first Mongolian Adventure is exploring the closest stretch of gobi, which means actually desert, near Ulaanbaatar. It’s a three-hour drive to Arburd Sands, a community run ger camp where you can combine visits to local nomad families and exploring the region. The steppe changes into gobi, there are camels and herds of sheep, goats and horses, nomads pass by on their motor bikes or on horse. The sky looks fabulous, the emptiness is therapeutic. Our hosts in the camp speak a decent work of English, the food is excellent and the Altai Gobi beer tastes amazing after a long day of exploration. The gers are basic but comfortable, the beds are soft, the cold nights are pleasant thanks to wooden stoves in the rooms and the toilet has a view over the steppe.
So for travellers on a short stop in UB this is a great camp to come to. After only a short drive you feel 100% in Mongolia and you taste and experience the essence of this vast country. Want to book this trip? Check out the packages with Nomadic Journeys, you will see it is an affordable alternative for the more expensive trip into the southern Altai Gobi desert.


  1. Wow I forgot how much I loved that place! The Gobi is so incredible! Enjoy! Hopefully you will make it to the Yol ice caves– not that there is anything NOT photogenic in the Gobi, but I reckon that place is near the top.

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