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13 Sep ’13

A perfectly dressed table is waiting for us at the Jalmal Meadows Ger Camp. But what about the food? Most travellers fear Mongolian food with its cuisine rich in dairy and meat. But as a vegetarian you can survive. In Arburd Sands they served me a steaming Buuz, a Mongolian dumpling, filled with tangy potato mash. In Jalmal Meadows I got the fried version, a bit heavier but still nice. In the camps I also got served lots of tofu and veggies. Meat lovers in ger camps will be a tad disappointed, the big pieces of mutton are only for staff and not for the guests. And they will hardly serve a juicy steak. Imagine a nice BBQ with grilled mutton and some jacked potatoes. Back in UB there are plenty of good dining options. We went to Le Bistro Français with affordable Western fare. From the daily special that was tagged at less then 5 euro to grilled steak with French fries. In the Kempinski Khan Palace they have two excellent & affordable Japanese restaurants. We splurged out eating wagu beef and sushi, lots of sake and local beer and paid 60 euro for two. The pizzas here in the hotel are excellent thanks to the in-house Italian chef. In the city there are even more options, from Korean, Indian, western coffee shops and Mongolian BBQ restaurants. Apparently there is a new Cuban restaurant worth checking out too. So plenty of choice, and for those traveling to ger camps, just let them know if you are not a meat fan. You won’t get yak or horse on your plate, promised.

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