Jalmal Meadows, private Gerscape, Mongolia © 2013 . All rights reserved.

14 Sep ’13

The Mongolian nomads claim that they can set up a ger in as little as 30 minutes. Really? Or are they a bit too macho about it? Easy, we took the test and asked for a private GERscape. This means quite simply that you have your own private ger, with private cook, somewhere far away from the rest of the tourists or other gers. So we set off with a caravan of yaks and horsemen to venture into the wild and find a spot where we would have solitude and 360 degrees views over the valley. Once there, we watch how the nomads set up camp in, well, less than 30 minutes a ger. They start with the door, then the wooden, fold-out walls around it and then the two wooden pillars to hold up the wheel in the middle. Then the fabric, the finishing touches et voila! We are impressed by the speed skills of this ger building. It would probably take us half a day.

Jalmal Meadows, private Gerscape, Mongolia

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