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16 Sep ’13

You can not leave Mongolia without buying a great piece of cashmere. How can you not when you are constantly surrounded by goats, sheep, yak and camels. We decide to check out one of the oldest and most established cashmere producers in the country. Mongol Textile used to be a state owned company but now it is run by the next generation of Mongolian entrepreneurs that want to take the best of Mongolia to the next level. There are wonderful designs of scarf, blankets, sweaters, gloves,.. all made of Mongolian wool. Not only from the cashmere goats but also made of regular sheep wool, camel and yak. When I ask the foreman of the factory and the director of knitting what their favourite wool is, they both say they love yak. It’s cheaper, it not that delicate or difficult to maintain as cashmere and it stays in perfect shape. So when travelling to Mongolia, buy some socks or long Johns in yak wool, you won’t be disappointed.

Mongolian Kashmere

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