Mongol Traditional Food at Kempinski Hotel © 2013 . All rights reserved.

17 Sep ’13

Let’s talk a bit more about Mongolian food. It’s a big issue for many travellers. They fill up their suitcases with dried fruits and nuts, maybe anticipating loosing kilos when travelling here. But it’s not all that bad. Take for example this pictures of a cote d’agneau. A rack of lamb (in some cases mutton) with a simple but nice boiled potato and a local variety of a sheet of lasagna-type of pasta. This is not a fancy dish but it is tasty and good. We shot this dish at the Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace in Ulaanbaatar. Here you can try a couple of local, Mongolian dishes prepared by their Mongolian chefs. It’s an excellent spot to get introduced into the Mongolian cuisine, slowly.

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