20 Sep ’13

What is better than taking a portrait of a majestic golden eagle? Filming one when in flight? It took us some time and preparation but we finally managed : attaching a GoPro Hero3, on an Himalayan Golden Eagle. Oral, one of the hunters, took us out for a training session with his 4-year old bird. We climbed up a rocky hill and attached carefully (and very gently) our camera to the golden eagle. Oral took off with his horse somewhere in the distance. When Oral started calling his bird, it was incredible to witness how the eagle was listening and watching until she decided to fly, with our camera on the back, and look for her master. The speed dive of an Himalayan Golden Eagle can reach up to 200 km/hour. You see on our movie how the eagle is looking over the landscape and how she is going in a straight line for Oral. It is astonishing to see the speed of flight and great to witness the connection between the golden eagle and the hunter. Thanks Oral, and thank you downy bird.

eagle from Mana, the eagle hunter in Ölgii, Mongolia

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