Eagle Hunters Festival, Mongolia © 2013 . All rights reserved.

21 Sep ’13

It is great to be able to freeze an image like this one during an eagle festival. The sight of the hunters in fast approach towards the audience is quite wauw. There is loads of masculine adrenaline in the cold and freezing air and every spectator is amazed by the scenery, the hunters and their giant birds. A festival like this is disorganised chaos, you just have to go with the flow. When it gets too cold, take cover in a ger and eat a buuz, a juicy and steaming dumpling and drink a cup of hot milk tea. Then watch one of the games. Fetch the rabbit leg for example when the eagle has to fly from the top of the mountain to the hunter who is calling his bird. Or the battle with the dead goat. The hunters compete and show bravura and strength. We, viewers, watch them, snap pictures, try to defreeze and enjoy the ambiance and setting.

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