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22 Sep ’13

Loving means sometimes releasing. In this case one hunter on top of the mountain releases the bird while the eagle’s owner is waiting down in the valley to catch it. Did you know that every captive eagle is female? They are the ones that are being used for the hunt. Apparently the eagles that are caught when they are already a bit older are the best hunters. The ones that are taken out of a nest at a very young age, are less aggressive. They are nicer, more tame, almost like pets. We already noticed this is true because we photographed both type of birds. Hunter Mana’s eagle is vicious and more angry. Scars on mana’s hands and even head show how the bird has her own will. Oral’s bird is calm and more laissez-passer. It’s kind of amazing to see and feel the different characters. Actually, we prefer not to feel it, a bite that is.

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