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23 Sep ’13

If you have time and you can sleep everywhere, you can take a bus from UB to Bayan-Ölgii. Travel time: more than 70 hours. If you do not have time and you prefer the fast option, just fly. We went for the second choice and hopped on the new and comfy Dash-8 plane from EZNIS airways (pronounce easiness). EZNIS flies to the most remote corners of the country, with at the steering wheel international pilots from all over the world. If needed, they land on grass or steppe and they are used to extreme weather conditions. In any case, flying to UB to Bayan-Ölgii is excellent when there are no clouds and you can see the landscape change from city, to steppe, gobi and then snowy mountains. Try to score a window seat, sit back and relax. Easiness!

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