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24 Sep ’13

A from our office away from home. When our Mongolian mobile phone card with 3G or EDGE connection had no network anymore, we had a satellite device as backup. Once we were in the ger camps, we were happy with our Explorer 500, which can be set up in no time and connects very fast to the internet. What it costs? The rent for this device is around 300 dollar per month, data prices tick at around a hefty 5 dollar per MB. We rented one with the Dutch company Gannexion, specialised in mobile or wireless communication.

When I was reading the how-do-I-stay-online report from Andrew Evans, one of the house travel bloggers of National Geographic, it all sounded very familiar. It is not always easy to blog or stay connected from around the world. But we do our best and we get more creative every trip.

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