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11 Oct ’13

You would not believe this picture is shot at almost 1700-meter altitude. It’s our first game drive in Zimbabwe near the Inn on Rupurara in the Eastern Highlands. If you like the old, colonial, “do you fancy a cup of tea, sir, with a dash of sugar.” style, then come here. The Inn on Rupurara is actually a lovely small Inn. With heavy, steel windows and shiny dark wood on the floor. Bright, African flowers light up the interior and the beautiful, massive copper ashtrays are so solid and heavy that there is no risk to steal them as a souvenir. It’s heavenly quiet in this part of the world with the only sound of exotic and bright colored birds flapping around in the lush trees. I can imagine myself here for a week or two to relax, enjoy the views and have lots of cups of tea. Sir.

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