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12 Oct ’13

Take a road trip seriously in Zimbabwe. Do not rush from A to B but take your time. When the travel agent or the GPS says it will take you 3 hours, count 2 hours extra. Why? Well, because it’s Africa and everything is different, colorful, beautiful and in this part of the world everything is also slower. During our drives we pass through small villages with bottle shops and butcheries, stock up on kudu billtong and drink flashy, bright colored Fanta out of nostalgic, glass bottles. You know the kind that is now long forbidden in other continents. And let’s not forget Stoney Ginger Beer, a fizzy and heavenly spicy soft drink that wakes up every tired road tripper.

Now and then you will stop to take pictures of the landscape. Of the red earth changing into green fields, of baobab trees with backgrounds of high mountains. Especially on Saturday and Sunday you might notice people dressed in white sitting under huge trees and praying. We were so curious we made a brief stop to check out what was going on. It was a mass, a gathering of village people, mostly dressed in white. A spring-off from the Catholic church but with the apostel Johannes as their big hero. We got the permission by the “prophete” to take some pictures and even got a blessing.

After this holy stop, we continued our trip towards Chiredzi, close to the border with Mozambique and South-Africa. Imagine cane fields, quircky gass stations, shabby train crossings (better look to the left and right before you cross). But first another small lodge is on our itinery, to break a long drive in two and enjoy more of our road trip.

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