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13 Oct ’13

This is the third Inn of Zimbabwe we are staying at: Norma Jeane’s Lake View Resort with, indeed, views over Lake Mutirikwi. This small and charming resort lays a ten minute drive from the Great Zimbabwe National Monument, a UNESCO heritage site and one of the most important archaeological spots in Africa. Around six in the morning the sun wakes us up through the steel-framed windows of our simple but fine room. Just in time to drive to the ruins and be the first visitor to the former capital of the Queen of Sheba.

My guidebook says this is the second most important archaeological site in Africa, the first being the Pyramids in Egypt. While the latter are overly touristy and often swamped with tourists, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins you can have all to yourself. We wander through The Great Enclosure, a massive building with narrow, elliptical corridors and see no other soul; even the Queen of Sheba is not there. In the distance I hear some bells of cows crazing around this famous UNESCO site. Who needs grass mowers if you can do it the natural way? Only in Africa.

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