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14 Oct ’13

It’s a million dollar view. Really! Meet Singita Pamushana, one (if not, THE one) luxury lodge in Zimbabwe. It’s owned by a billionaire with a big heart for Africa and the lodge is a favourite of guests wanting an African safari experience in comfort and style. We are fortunate to be invited here and experience how Zimbabwe can also be done while bathing in luxury. Yes we do actually bathe in our bath with views over the bush, we plunge in our private pool, we sleep in our four poster bed while the open fire is crackling away,…. Indeed, life can be easy and royal in a private nature reserve in amazing Zimbabwe. But seriously, what we really want to say is that we are impressed by how diverse and different Zim is. We were transported in a couple of hours from colonial Africa to a well protected and managed reserve where the key goal is to save the wild life in Africa. The way to do this is to use the concept of high luxury, low impact lodges, just like Pamushana. And it’s not only about looks. The lodge offers service, amazing food, perfect game drives with good guides, an endless list of wine (included in the rate) and mucho more. Do we like it? Yes, because Singita Pamushana is proof that with big money, big things can be done. But more about this in the next posts!

interior at Pamushana Lodge, Singita Zimbabwe

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