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15 Oct ’13

The white rhino baby looks like a puppy. Its mother doesn’t. We are on the hunt in the Malilingwa Nature Reserve to see white and black rhino and mucho more. In the park there are also plenty of elephant, lion, leopard, bouncy klipspringers, impala, kudu, eland, waterbuck,… and the unique wild dog. The rhino were reintroduced here a while ago, bought from South Africa for a heavy price tag. Now they are guarded and protected against poachers who nowadays use even helicopters to track and kill the animals. A horn is worth around 350.000 US dollars. The market alias the culprit? Asia with countries like China and Vietnam where import of horn is not forbidden, where consumers use the powder to cure all sorts of illnesses from the flue to cancer. Of course, scientific research shows that the powder does actually nothing to the body. It’s like eating a fingernail and thinking you will feel better afterwards. Other very intelligent people in the Middle East like Yemen use the horn as a status symbol and to decorate knives. I am sure they feel very proud and manly to contribute to the extinction of another animal on this planet. So while the rhino in the Malilangwe Reserve is well protected, almost 700 rhino were killed this year in South Africa. Their faces cut off. The innocent baby rhino we are seeing today, which is only a mere couple of months old, probably doesn’t realise that is might be the last generation of its species on this beautiful planet ruled by often foolish people.

White Rhino, Zimbabwe

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