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16 Oct ’13

“When I am grown up, I want to be an accountant!” smiles a girl. We are visiting one of the school projects of the Malilangwe Trust. The girl had the privilege of doing already an internship at the Singita Pamushana Lodge. Not really working but being able to have a look behind the scenes of this lodge to see what jobs there are available and who is doing what. From the chef in the kitchen to the accountant or the people managing the wildlife trust.

While the animals are well taken care off in the park, the local communities around the reserve also benefit from the trust. Every day almost 20.000 kids get food in the form of porridge. 30 tonnes a month. Until they are seven, it is served in their villages. When they are older, they will have to go to school to get more food.

Just like in this school we are visiting. Some of the kids are wearing blue uniforms, others don’t. A uniform costs 10 dollar, for some families this is too expensive. One of the smaller boys comes to say hello and tells me in bright English that he wants to be a lawyer. There is no doubt in his sparking eyes. I am sure he can do it, he will just need to get a chance. Attending school, learning and who knows, maybe thanks to the Malilangwe Trust, he will be able to escape his village and do big things. Maybe be the next Obama, who knows?

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