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18 Oct ’13

Remember we wrote that we didn’t get stopped yet from the roadblock police? Ok, we must admit, we did make a small mistake by stopping along the roadside to take a picture of this truck. Why? Because it is unbelievable, it is Africa. You might even say this is a work of art, ready to be put in a gallery in London. Anyway, we stopped and 3 minutes later we got stopped again by the police along one of the roadblocks who saw us stopping. You’ll notice, this story involves lots of stopping. “We will have to fine you. You stopped and the sign says you can’t stop there.” Fair enough mister police, but the funny fact is that the stop sign was turned 180 degrees so how should I know I can’t stop there?

We took mister funny police to the crime scene and so he could see with his own eyes that the sign was flipped. We were hopeful and expected these arms of the law to be fair. But no, they were very keen to collect the 20-dollar fine. We had to pay. They wrote a big receipt and that was it.

Two days and 20 easy roadblocks later, we got stopped again. the police guy looks into our car and asks very surprised: oh do you still use maps and no GPS? I say to him both. He smiles. Where are you are going? I say Bulawayo. Oh that is another 60k, have a safe trip!

That was it. So from the almost 2000k we drove in Zimbabwe, we got stopped twice. Once we got a fine, once we got a big smile.

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