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19 Oct ’13

There is something moving in the bush. Rhino, white rhino, lounging in the shade of a tree and escaping the sizzling heat of the midday sun. Two guards of the Matopos National Park take us on a walk, together with our guide Paul Hubbard from Camp Amalinda. Because top guide Paul has such good contacts with the rangers of the park, we are allowed to do this. Otherwise, forget it. Bush walking to go and see rhino is not something you do every day. So you need good guides. We venture through low grass, over sandy ground, through bushes to reach the rhino. We need to be quiet, make no sound, avoid stepping on crackling dry leaves. Our guides check the wind direction, see how the animals behave. They make soothing whistling sounds to calm down the animals and let them know we are there and to show we are no threat. We stand there and observe these impressive and almost instinct creatures. Thankful that there are guards/rangers like Welcome and his colleague to protect and take care of them.

Paul at work

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