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20 Oct ’13

Did you ever hear of zonkeys? Zebras that got too cosy with donkeys. Apparently they are seen around Camp Amalinda near the Matopos National Park. Despite having very tame zebras that come almost lounging and sun bathing near the swimming pool, animals are not the only reason why you travel to this area and camp. Camp Amalinda is nestled next to impressive granite rocks, almost disappears into them. No room is the same. It all feels very Flintstone with walls consisting of massive stones, a showerhead popping out of the rock and small windows keeping the heat outside. This is a well run camp where you can come to relax, unwind next to the pool (safari’ing can be exhausting), enjoy the good food, meditate next to an open camp fire at night and get to know like-minded people along the huge, communal dining table.

Camp Amalinda’s activities are not focused on animals or seeing the big give. Expert and historical/cultural Guide Paul Hubbart offers private tours and even if you go in group, you will discover a lot. Going on a day trip with Paul is a bit like going to theater. The man knows how to tell stories, with wide arm gestures, extreme enthousiasm and the kind of laugh that can be heard through the Matopos Hills. He will take you to amazing wall paintings in hidden caves, once drawn by the ancestors of the San Bushmen. Or going to see the grave of Cecil John Rhodes where you get a “world’s view” over the Matopos Park. You can go and visit communities, schools and churches, Paul will show and tell you everything about the fence project around one part of the Matopos Park. A huge project to keep the animals in and all other things out. We never saw a man so enthousiastic about a piece of wire. Paul is behind the Rhodes Matopos Project and he will make sure that the park is fenced before summer 2014.

So next to lounging around the swimming pool and being served by a friendly zebra, you can see and do a lot around Camp Amalinda. If you like in real Flintstone style!

Amalinda, Zimbabwe


  1. Chris

    I love your pics. How do make them look so especially crisp and sharp on the website? I noticed the pictures load and the re-load to get that perfect look….

    • dear Chris,
      The one day one photo blog is fully optimised for hi-dpi screens, or retina (for apple devices).
      Meaning, when you browse our site with a hi-dpi screen, the images will be reloaded at double size by javascript. (image@2x.jpg)
      Our main site, classetouriste is also partly retina optimised.
      That’s why Apple used our website on their keynote presentation WWDC in June 2013.
      Hope this makes everything a bit more clear ? Best David

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