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23 Oct ’13

We asked our guide Mike from Davisons Camp to see cats. Preferably a big, old, male lion. Bring us to the king we asked. Early in the morning we head of, following deep foot prints into the humid sand of Hwange National Park. We are hopeful to track the lion but the paw prints head into the think bush. Gone with the wind. But Mike promised us cats so he heads of to one of his favourite areas around Davisons Camp. An area that attracts cats because it has fresh water and lots of open space to hunt. Within minutes Mikes spots a huge, male cheetah slurping from a water hole. His belly is full and big and the animal lies on its stomach to drink, drink and drink. Then he gets up, passes with an air of I couldn’t care less next to our car and then lies in the shade of a huge tree. He’s resting, digesting but is still very alert for predators like lion and hyena. We stay a while watching and photographing the animal, also when he gets up and marks its territory and jumps on a branch to check out the area. We didn’t get our big, male lion but we got the cheetah instead. At least now we know guide Mike knows his cats.

Cheetah Wilderness Sararis Davisons Camp

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