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27 Oct ’13

Conservation in Africa isn’t about saving a cuddly animal. It is often about re-educating its people and trying to find a balance between the wild and the human world. Folks who know how to do this are the people from Africat in Namibia, linked to the wonderful Okonjima Lodge where we are staying. First meeting is with Donna Hannssen, one of the leading ladies of this conservation project. She looks like Bo Derek, has the passion and drive of 100 Greenpeace or WWF activists together and will make anybody fall in love with Africa, Namibia and its wildlife. Donna explains how Africat evolved from trying to save cats to currently teaching local farmers and Namibians to live with these animals, instead of killing them. They still save cats, raise them if necessary, they even study them, observe and track them thanks to radio collars and technology. In the private reserve they have a dozen of cheetah and leopard, all tagged. There are more cats but those roam freely around on the estate. The collard cats are the ambassadors for their brothers and sisters who are out there in the wild. It’s a treat to be able to get this up close and personal with a leopard, observing him and learning a bit more a bit more about the animal and habitat.

Africat Namibia, tracking for leopard

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