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30 Oct ’13

I can’t put in one blog post how many interesting people we meet during the Adventure Travel World Summit, organised by ATTA, here in Swakopmund, Namibia. First of all the writer and essayist Pico Iyer is opening the summit with an amazing expose about travel. Love this even more since Pico is writing the foreword of our upcoming book “Remote” (It will be all about remote places and hotels, stay tuned).
“Nowhere is uninteresting to the interested eye” says Pico and “Imagination is not closing your eyes”. His idea that locals often don’t have equal perception of their homes as travellers do is also a very interesting observation, don’t you think.

We are connecting also with amazing international travel journalists, writers and editors who have been in the travel writing business for ages. Inspiring, that’s a fact. Then we get to meet the people who are out there in the field. Who organise spectacular trips, or own stunning lodges, ships, travel companies,…
We meet remarkable travel agents, PR’s in travel and tourism companies while learning about quirky stuff like a small, Canadian town called Golden with the highest ski lodge in North America, and a hut where you can do walks with lamas and if you want, even have a rest underneath them (well sort of!!!). We learn about a new “save the tiger” project in India where you can take pictures of a tiger and then try to match them with an online database and find out all about the animal.

We also listen to travel editors who are talking about slackpacking and the rise of solo travel. And colleague travel writer Robert Reid knows how to entertain during a travel talk but knows also his travel business. Try to follow him on Twitter if you like travel stuff with a twist. Ach, the world of travel and how I love it!

ps, I am booking my ticket already to Ireland next year for #2014ATWS!

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