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6 Nov ’13

It’s like a 40 kg heavy Pink Panther. But without the pink, and it’s not a panther but a cheetah. At the N/a’an ku sê Foundation near Windhoek we watch how they dart a cheetah and then collar it to safeguard it from angry farmers who want to protect their life stock. Over 67 animals have been collard so far. They are traced and tracked by GPS so the location of the animals can be send to the farms who then know how to protect their life stock. The poor, darted cheetah with fancy eye shades on doesn’t really know what is happening and is sound asleep. When he takes off into the bush after the check-up and with the fancy GPS collar attached, he is running towards a new and bright future instead of being shot and ending up as a carpet rug in somebody’s house.

Darting Cheetah

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