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11 Nov ’13

What are the chances of running into somebody you know in Marrakech while staying in the same riad. One of the hundreds of riads in the city? In the small and intimate Riad Anayela we see Malin Elmlid back. This Swede lives in Berlin and a big part of her life revolves around good bread. She founded the Bread Exchange, a concept where Malin’s sourdough bread is exchanged for other creative, genuine and pure services or products. A bread for a guitar lesson, a jar of homemade jam, a photo for Malin’s new food/travel book? We love the concept and the fact that somebody is fighting for more good, healthy and real bread. It’s hard to find nowadays and you often have to settle with industrial and almost artificial yeast filled alternatives. Malin is in Marrakech to bake and to see how they do it here. She is gathering recipes and experiences for that new book that is in the making. Malin is going to use one of our Antwerp pictures in that book and guess how she is paying us: with a real, home backed sour dough bread. Yes!

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