Opening party Pure at Amanjena, Marrakech © 2013 . All rights reserved.

12 Nov ’13

This is the result when you invite over 1000 people in one of the best luxury hotels in Marrakech and when you seduce them with over 10.000 candles while serving good food and wine. Pure Marrakech, our favorite travel show, which we are attending for the third time, kicks off in style. By invitation only, naturallement. The coming days it will be all about experiential travel. But first, after an inspiring conference with amazing guest speakers, we all get together here at Amanjena, the Moroccan addition in the Aman Resorts porfolio. We see friends, colleagues and fine contacts back. We meet new ones and enjoy the setting. I guess Pure and Amenjena are the perfect match. They both know how to throw a party!

Opening party Pure at Amanjena, Marrakech

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