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30 Nov ’13

The pillars of the Amano’i design remind a bit of the Greek Acropolis style of Amanzo’e the last Aman Resort we stayed at. But this is Vietnam and not Greece. Aman Resort are opening one new resort after another. One can make a round the world trip and stay only in an Aman property. It’s only Africa which is missing, but we heard rumours about Gabon being in the pipeline. The next opening will be an Aman in the heart of Tokyo. No resort but a hotel in a high-rise building. I think this is reason enough to book our ticket back to Japan next year. It’s been too long that we were there and there is still so much to explore in that amazing country. Also worth checking out is the new Aman Canal Grande which opened this summer in Venice. Again, no resort but a stunning palazzo on a premium location in the most popular city in Italy. What else is on the agenda for Aman Resorts? Through the grapevine we heard about firm plans for the Alentejo region in Portugal, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and even Burma. I would love to be a location scout for Aman Resorts. Looking for the most fantastic spots around the world. Hey Aman, you know where to find me if you would need me. I’m always available and I love airplanes and hotels.

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