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1 Dec ’13

This Vietnamese dish is the creation of the Belgian executive chef Nicola van Heemsbergen. This young Belgian has been working in famous luxury hotels since 15 years. Nicola admits it’s not really about fine dining, it’s about being creative, not having an attitude and being flexible, (you do not say no to guests who are paying 800 dollar a night), about managing a team of 45 chefs with often have different nationalities. About having guests of different corners of the world and guests who are on holiday and are used to a lot. Thumbs up for this young Belgian who made his way from Belgium trough the south of France, working at Michelin star restaurants in Paris to the Raffles in Singapore, Amanjena in Marrakech, the Peninsula in Bangkok, the Four Seasons in Saudi-Arabia and now Amano’i in Vietnam.

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