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5 Jan ’14

Travel trend predictions for 2014 say that air travel in Europe will not get cheaper and even be more expensive in the new year. So if you are traveling with two (or as a family), and if you like taking some luggage (and buying some souvenirs), why not hop in your car, drive off and hit the road? We decided to drive during the deep of winter to the high north of Sweden and Finland. We partnered up with Range Rover so we could experience how it is to drive a fab new Range Rover from Belgium to a wild and frozen region above the Arctic Circle. Hash tags like #drivenorth #hibernot #rangerover #roadtrip #scandinavia will be popping up a lot as we progress during this month long voyage. We will also post pictures on our FaceBook Page and Instagram. In total we will be covering almost 6000 km of road going through Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. We will stop in cities, small villages, ski areas, Lappish towns and in the meantime staying in all sorts of accommodation from urban bolt holes to historical inns and luxury villas. Since we are fans of the good life, will also be eating lots of wonderful Nordic food thus we can call this an adventurous, epicurean road trip. So stay tuned, sit back, relax and keep your seat belt on.

Click here to see our roadmap.

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