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7 Jan ’14

There is something about hidden, Michelin star restaurants, almost buried in the vaulted cellars of century old mansions. Like good, old wine some food tastes better when it is served in intimate, enclosed spaces with little disturbance of bright light or impressive views. We are talking about A.O.C. a one-star Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen. Danish owner and award winning sommelier Christian Aarø is graciously overseeing the dining area while head chef Søren Selin is in charge of his young kitchen team.
During an intimate and amazing dinner soiree we taste and experience a array of Nordic delicatessen from the earth and sea. Chef Søren serves seemingly simple dishes with grand flavours. One moment we are tasting pure earthy flavours and two dishes later we are savouring the North Sea on the palate. The portrayed dish is an assembly of local, Danish squid with fresh daikon, Limfjords oysters and pungy water cress. Heaven! The setting and the dĂ©cor of A.O.C. are also perfect: dimmed lights, beige colors and what is important, a relaxed and quite informal yet elegant atmosphere. Let’s hope it will stay this way when the second star comes. Idem dito for the charming, laid-back, non-star struck attitude of chef Søren.

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