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8 Jan ’14

Taking traditional food to another level can result in interesting creations (or sometimes not). In this case, the upgraded Smørrebrød from Adam Aamanns are a real hit. Why? Because the concept is easy and honest. Take for example the fantastically home baked dense, malty and moist rye bread and dress it with local, seasonal and flavourful ingredients. Et voila! We taste the fried Cod roe with rye flour, pickled onions, mustard seeds, watercress, capers and lemon. The Cod roe has the looks & texture of foie gras, hence the nickname Nordic foie gras. The second dish is the cold smoked salmon with apple, baked leeks, Brussels sprouts and very crunchy buckwheat. Head chef Magnus Michaelsen likes natural and real flavours and tattoos in the likes of a giant fish on his arm and a huge, green cucumber. I am sure some Smørrebrød with herring and pickled pickles would could be a nice dish too. They can call it The Magnus maybe.

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