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10 Jan ’14

“A Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine.” That is Noma in Copenhagen.

Besides being voted as the best restaurant in the world in the San Pellegrino awards three times in a row, it is an absolute hot spot for any foodie around the world.
Rene Redzepi is the godfather of the New Nordic Cuisine. At Noma it is not only about the new style of eating in the North. Redzepi kind of reinvented how chefs look at (local) products and also how we as conscious consumers eat.

Some might think the cuisine of Noma is all a bit too much. Trop est trop! Eating fried moss or snacking on living North Sea shrimps? True, you have to dine here with an open mind while trying to see the beauty in hidden flavours and unusual textures. But you will discover, experience and learn about natural aromas and simple products.

Noma is also the kind of fine dining restaurant where a warm and relaxed vibe is part of the deal. The design and décor of the old warehouse is very Nordic and doesn’t interfere with what is prepared in the kitchen and the experience you have as a diner.
Upstairs in the private dining room and the prep space, where rows of young chefs are bending over a kitchen table to prepare or clean all sorts of very local ingredients.
It even looks micro-surgical. But no Botox here, everything is natural and organic.

So yes, Noma is an experience. For some it will be their ultimate number one, for others it might be disappointing. A chacun son Goût!

ps: Noma does not “invite” journalists or bloggers but we paid to get a seat thanks to culinary ambassador Kristian Brask Thomsen from Bon Vivant who organises Dinner Parties in top restaurants around the world.

Noma Copenhagen

Noma Copenhagen

Noma Copenhagen

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