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12 Jan ’14

There is something about working-class cities with substantial ports connecting them with the rest of the world. There is also something about underdog or “second choice” cities, living in the shadow of bigger, more popular sister capitals. In this case we are talking about Gothenburg, kind of in the middle between Stockholm and Copenhagen. What most travellers don’t know is that Gothenburg is a damned charming and compact city where creativity is shown trough indie music, fashion, micro beer brewing, cool restaurants and why not, even coffee making.

The atmosphere is laid-back and friendly. There is less stress here to be important, chic or well known. It’s more of a do-your-thing-and-be-content-mood, which is pleasant as a visitor.
To begin our Gothenburg visit, we chose one of the newer hotels: The Upper House, on the 5 top floors of the famous Gothia Towers, soon to be one of the largest hotels in Europe. It’s a good start because from our chic hotel room we get a decent view over the city and in the distance the harbour of Göteborg. The coming days we will explore the town thanks to the recommendations of Matts Johansson, the most famous coffee maker of Gothenburg with an excellent taste for the good life.

Gothenburg - Sweden

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