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13 Jan ’14

Who would tell that in the old days it was only the upper-class in Sweden that appreciated the occasional shrimp on their plate. Common people saw those little, pink swimmers are insects. In Sweden the real, commercial shrimp fishing started in the early 1900’s and the famous shrimp sandwich became popular in the 1950’s.

But then a Swede from Gothenburg travelled to the Sates in the 1970’s, to Newport to be precise, and saw how those Americans served an XL sandwich covered with piles of peeled shrimps. Not the “skagen” style when it is served on toasted bread and often with a dill dressing on or through the shrimps.

So the XL shrimp sandwich idea flew back to Gothenburg where it was on the menu of the Newport Restaurant. Today you can try this XL version, the King Size Shrimp Sandwich, on the 23nd floor of the Gothia Towers Hotel. We are not claiming this is the best shrimp sandwich in the city but it certainly is the most famous. A piece of bread, flavoured with dill, then a layer of salad and home made mayonnaise, then a hard boiled egg, a huge amount of peeled shrimps, a bit of dill and a piece of lemon. Et voila. Around 550 calories, less than a hamburger, perfect with a glass of wine or a local beer.

A fun fact is that the Gothia Towers serve more than 150.000 sandwiches per year. Every peeled shrimp comes from the west coast of Greenland. Hence the fact that some locals claim this is not a true Swedish shrimp sandwich. And we must agree, they are right, the food miles are kind of high in this case. For the real, local, deal you have to go to smaller places like Gabriels in the fish market.

Just to finish the shrimp talk and to prove that the shrimp sandwich is an incredible popular dish in Sweden: Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg serve almost 400 000 Shrimp Sandwiches per year. Count on 60 ton of shrimps a year. Bon appetit!

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