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15 Jan ’14


When I asked the tourism board of West Sweden what we could do in winter, their reply was “Well, nothing much, you have to come back after the winter.” Right, as if fantastic tiny fishing villages with cosy small inns, good sea food, great local beer and friendly Swedes are not enough to travel here during the winter months.

Because we like to do things differently we decided to spend two nights in Lysekil along the west coast. There are much more smaller fishing villages and islands but this is the perfect size during winter. You’ll find a couple of hotels and restaurants open en the normal life goes on in a pleasant, wintery pace.

A must stay (as well in summer) is the charming Strandflickorna Sea Hotel. An old inn with wooden floors, antique furnitures and old lost glory paintings from prude ladies in lace dresses and gentlemen with giant moustaches. For those wanting to be with their feet in the sea, you can book the studio, almost dangling over the water. The food is hearty and good, the people are extremely friendly and it’s the perfect warm nest for when a snow storm blows over the west coast.

So winter time along the “Vast” of Sweden? Excellent! Loved it!

Strandflickorna - LysekilLysekil town - Sweden

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