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16 Jan ’14


A road trip is like a roller coaster. A serie of impressions, views and emotions. Since we left Gothenburg we finally get the pretty winter scenery we were longing for. There is light between 9-ish and 3-ish in the afternoon: the best hours for driving and discovering. Calculate the speed at around 80 a 90 km/hour and plan enough time to make a stop to have lunch in one of the many road side diners. Maximum speed in Sweden is 110 km/h and there are “flash” systems if you do not respect the maximum speed. We got our picture taken already once. I hope we were smiling at the camera.

We often make brief pit stops like the one at Road 63 along the N45 near Lindfors. This road side diner is run by Frank and Jorina who are, surprise surprise, from Holland. Good coffees, old jukeboxes inside and a warm welcome. If you are dying for a “kroket“, a very Dutch style cheese soufflĂ© or why not, an ice cream, when it’s -12 C. outside, those are also on the menu.
Just what you need when driving for hours and hours through a freezing landscape.

Road Trip Sweden

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