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17 Jan ’14


The famous Leksand Knäckebröd was the reason why we put this small town on our hit list. You probably know those delicious, healthy crackers often sold in every Ikea shop around the world. In Leksand you can go visit the factory shop and buy kilos of Knäckebröd and other fine foods from around the area. We wanted to visit and shoot the factory but it was kind of a hassle to arrange this “media visit” so we just dropped by the factory and the shop to buy some crunchy treats and shoot the factory from the outside.

But there is more about Leksand than the famous Knäckebröd. Another good reason why to travel to the Dalarna region, besides it’s impressive nature, is the shop from Mia Svalänge from Lycka Form. Mia designs woolly blankets with traditional, Swedish patterns. Next to buying here in the cosy and small shop of Mia, people order these incredible warm blankets via internet.

Mia is quite honest about her products: the blankets are made in Lapland with Nordic wool. There are almost no more sheep or wool producing farmers left in Sweden. The patterns are not only found in Sweden but in different forms and styles around the world. “Swedes like to think it is only here you find them, but you might see a similar pattern in Mexico.” This charming artist explains. “Nevertheless, when we are driving off into the -16 Celsius degrees night, this Lycka Form woolen blanket feels very Swedish to me.

Leksand Knackebrod

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