Fresh scallops with burned juniper branches, Faviken, Magnus Nilsson © 2014 . All rights reserved.

18 Jan ’14


Com’on, ask me about my best fine dining food experience ever… (and I am not talking about those fabulous small holes in the wall where the food is glorious, simple and the price is low). My answer is restaurant Faviken in Jamtland, not far from the ski resort of Åre. It’s the second time we are eating and staying here. We were shooting at Faviken exactly two years ago, just before chef Magnus Nilsson became world famous because of entering in the San Pellegrino Best in the world restaurant list as the fastest newcomer.

Magnus is still doing his own unique, local thing here in the frozen landscape of wintry Sweden. He is focussing more on his kitchen and restaurant and in contrast to lots of other chefs, is not traveling around the world to talk about food. If you want to taste Magnus his incredible dishes, you have to do some effort and travel to here. Is it worth it? Yes, yes and yes. First of all the setting is magical and out of this world. During winter a silent and white landscape surrounds the red painted farms. Faviken is hidden in one of those farms, deep inside a warm and intimate attic where food magic happens on your plate and mouth.

Our favourite taste sensations of this second diner at Faviken? the best king crab ever, heavenly succulent, moist and tender and the scallops from Hitra in Norway are still a hallelujah dish (see the photo with the shells lying on juniper branches).

We slept like a baby after this memorable dinner, upstairs above the kitchen in small, toasty and beautiful rooms where it’s so quite you can hear the ice cracking outside (there is always the sauna with local beers for those wanting to heat up). What a full Faviken Magasinet treat costs: around 400 euro per person for the food and all drinks and 260 euro to sleep here for two with a fantastic breakfast.

Faviken is an experience. It’s actually more than a food experience, it’s a celebration for all senses.

Magnus Nilsson - restaurant Faviken

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