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19 Jan ’14


Every town carrying such a short and bubbly name as Åre should be by default a fun town. And this place is indeed. It is THE ski place in Sweden. It is the birth place of Peak Performance, it’s here that alpinisme in Scandinavia kind of started. There’s history, there’s fun on the many slopes, there’s a compact town centre with shops and restaurants and plenty of different accommodation. We are staying at the Granen Hotel, it’s a historic inn, although you wouldn’t tell from the outside. Nowadays it’s a laid back and relaxed hotel where a good crowds hangs out in the warm and inviting lounge where every Sunday afternoon a high tea with sweet and savoury treats is served.The rooms are comfortable, some with huge terraces overlooking town and for those wanting a bit more space and comfort, you can stay in suites and apartments.

In Åre we had good meals at Fjallpuben and also at Buustamon on top of a mountain. Hearty, homey food with no attitude.

Our verdict: we think that the level of hospitality here in the north is much higher than what you find in the Alps in countries like France or Switzerland. Åre is a good example of a cosy, compact and diverse ski station that still keeps an identity and “normal, non-ski” feel. We like it!


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