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20 Jan ’14


This is a real road trip. Every 100 kilometre, sceneries and skies change, temperatures are dropping and we pass villages and landscapes which come strait out of movie scenes. While driving we discover that “loppis” means flee market or second hand shop. If you have the time to make a stop in these quaint outlets, you will discover fantastic vintage stuff, most of it made in Sweden. If our car wouldn’t be stacked with camera gear, studio lamps and goose down clothes, we would buy more things and support the local economy. You can also buy vintage stuff in the “Red Cross” shops you often see in small town. Just watch out for the red cross sign. This way you are also supporting the good cause. In one town we stopped in front of a Loppis with our fancy Autobiography and the owners looked quite funny at us when we bought some small, vintage gadgets. Travel it all about contrast, isn’t it.

Range Rover Scandinavia Road TripRange Rover Scandinavia Road TripRange Rover Scandinavia Road Trip

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