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21 Jan ’14


Is it a sea bird, is it a seaplane? No it’s a hovercraft, gliding, almost flying over the water. Correction, over the frozen sea. This type of hovercraft, with the looks of a yellow sub marine, takes a handful of passengers, it can do crazy slidings over the ice and the Swedish captain looks like he is 8 years old again and just got a new toy from Santa Claus (after all we are not far from Lapland, Finland where Santa lives).

We are experimenting with this Swedish made hovercraft in Brando, near Luleå along the coast in Norbotten, Lapland. The captain takes us out on the sparkling ice with the Arctic sun bright and strong (as it gets in the deep of Lappish winter). He spins, steers, glides and twirls the vessel over the frozen water while we are sitting inside the heated cocoon of the hovercraft.

Does it remind a bit of the good old days when we took the Hoverspeed from Ostend to Dover in the eighties? Yes it does. Oh and if you are also nostalgic about those big Hoverspeed and want to ride them again? They are all in museums or on the scrap right now. The only option in Europe is between between Southsea, Portsmouth and Ryde on the Isle of Wight, in the UK. In Siberia, Russia, there are also ways to get yourself on small hovercrafts and ride the waves. I’ve already put it on my to-do list.


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