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23 Jan ’14


We normally try to steer away from staying in (and writing about) gimmicky hotels where you pay a lot for something “unusual” or for a joke, sometimes to a point that it is not funny anymore.
But let me tell you that the Tree Hotel is different. The tree houses are designed by fine architects from Sweden, the materials used are interesting and of a high standard and more importantly, the hospitality side of the Tree Hotel is great. For example the high comfort inside the tree houses, the attention to details, the food, the staff… It all blends in well together, making it not the kind of gimmick hotel that we dislike so much.
If you believe us and want to stay here too, there are six options to choose from. We talked already about the Mirror Cube yesterday, while below you will find the other five alternatives.

The Bird’s Nest can accommodate four people inside the cocoon of branches. The structure is designed by Inredningsgruppen who wanted to let the nest completely blend in with the tree-like surrounding. Inside the nest, accessible by an electric ladder, there is lots of light coloured wood and round windows, giving the space a kind of maritime feel.

From the same designers is the UFO, for those wanting to feel completely out of this world. The space measures 30m2 and can host two adults and two children, divided in two rooms with also a toilet inside.

The Blue Cone is actually bright red and is constructed with laminated birch wood. Inside there are four beds, a living room and also a toilet with washing basin.

The Cabin is designed by Mårten & Gustav Cyrén and overlooks the Lule valley and river. The structure is like a long tube with large windows and a terrace, perfect for a couple wanting the views and privacy.

Dragon Fly is the youngest addition to the Tree Hotel collection and is by far the biggest. Four people in two separate bedrooms can stay in this 52m2 and 15-metre long tree house made out of rusty sheet metal outside and cosy dark wood inside. The design comes from Rintala Eggertsson Architects and the idea is that the floating house will completely blend in with the brownish trees in summer. While in winter, Dragon Fly accentuates the white and ice-cold surroundings.

The Cabin, Treehotel - Sweden
UFO & The Birdsnest - Treehotel, Sweden
The Blue Cone - Treehotel, Sweden

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