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24 Jan ’14


So let’s say you want to stay at the Tree Hotel but you only have the budget to spend on night here. No problem, you can sleep one night high up in the trees and then a couple of other nights at Brittas Pensionat, the home base of the Tree Hotel.
Don’t expect an architectural or designy hotel. The pension is a former old people’s house dating back to 1953, bought by Kent and Britta a decade ago and transformed into a very cosy inn. It’s here where all Tree Hotel guests check in, meet, have breakfast, lunch and dinner. The pensionat is like stepping back in the old days of Swedish Lapland. The wooden house if filled with curiosa and antiques, ranging from old books to shiny pink corsets, bathing suits and fragile ceramics. Outside some old long Johns and other laundry are hanging on a washing line, completely frozen. Upstairs there are a handful of simple but attractive rooms where you can stay for a very reasonable price. It’s the perfect solution if you want to explore the area or do some activities with the people from the Tree Hotel but not having the budget to stay several nights in the tree houses.

The pensionat offers the kind of traditional cosiness you often find in Swedish homes. It is always toasty warm inside, small lights and lamps are lit behind every window, there is always the smell of coffee or cake in the air and you are allowed to take off your shoes and run around on your slippers or woolly socks. The breakfast is hearty and healthy with local treats, lots of fish, and the same goes for the other meals. Home made cooking at its best. I loved the Arctic char with braised vegetables and served with a perfect mash. After a day out in -35 Celsius you only want good, old fashioned food, witch heats up the body and heart.

The verdict? The whole concept of the contemporary and architectural Tree Hotel in combi with the lost glory charm of the pensionat is a perfect match. Staying here, especially in the deep of winter when it is damn cold outside, is energizing and lifts up the spirit. You’ll never forget the experience, that’s for sure.

Brittas Pensionat
Brittas Pensionat
Brittas Pensionat
Brittas Pensionat
Brittas Pensionat

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