Arriving in Levi - Finland with our Range Rover Autobiography © 2014 . All rights reserved.

25 Jan ’14


This is not advertising for the new Range Rover Autobiography. This is our car, parked in a surreal landscape in Finnish Lapland. It’s a real scene, nothing styled or fake about it. On the contrary, Lapland is a very real place moving all senses. When we took this picture, the wind was blowing and the feeling temperature must have gone below 30 degrees Celsius. It’s quite brave to ski here around Levi in this kind of circumstances, but people seem to enjoy the extreme nature of the place. Even if you are no winter sport fanatic it is great to come here and just enjoy the scenery and views over Finnish Lapland. Having heated seats and dito steering wheel do help, we must admit.

Levi, Finland
Levi - Finland


  1. Hei Debbie!
    Please file this also under FINLAND. Thanks!

  2. Wow, those pictures look so surreal, like it’s photoshopped or something! Beautiful shots :)

  3. sem

    Its awesome and it cant be real, really .
    I like u guys

  4. Klasika

    Nice blog!!!!

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